Sold Price:  $8,175,000

Property Size:  2,767.75 Acres

Location:  Putnam County, FL

Broker Comments:

“Conservation of our critical and rare ecosystems has long been a priority in Florida but is now becoming critical. Much of Florida’s land is connected by water, both visible and invisible and it is a critical piece of Florida’s past and future. I commend our client for stepping in to rescue a critical piece in this link.”

Hunter Brant, President & Broker Oakwood Realty Group

Property Description

Located just east of Hawthorne on Hwy 20 along the Putnam-Alachua County line lies a stretch of land that encompasses over 2,700 acres with an amazing variety of critical Florida ecosystems and habitats. It is dotted with prairie lakes large and small and has over 200′ of elevation changes ranging from sandhills to creek basins to prairies. The property is a critical link in saving Florida’s water and natural wildlife habitats and adjoins multiple existing conservation areas along Little Orange Creek and Little Orange Lake. This area is one of the most ecologically unique in all of Florida and represents a major conservation opportunity.


Broker Comments

“I have been watching this property for several years as it holds some of the greatest conservation potential of any tract in North Florida. Gordon Chapel is a key component of the Florida Wildlife Corridor and has incredible biodiversity. It has been neglected for several years and still holds a robust wild quail population without any management or fire. The Buyer, who we represented, has proven themselves to be a champion of conservation while practicing the highest standards of land stewardship and is making this investment with the express purpose of restoring this great piece of Florida land. I am incredibly excited to see the transformation that will happen over the next many years!”

Hunter Brant – Selling Broker

Location Map

Gordon Chapel Map

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