Sold Price:  $10,439,850

Location:  Arcadia, FL

Category:  Hunting & Recreational Land, Hunting and Fishing

- Beautiful native Florida landscape - Part of original 43,000 acre Bright Hour Ranch

Broker Comments:

This sale only represents a portion of the original Bright Hour Ranch, but the whole of the original property is in the hands of 3 owners now, all with a common vision of managing this vast undisturbed landscape to benefit all species of native Florida wildlife, I feel very privileged to have been able to spend time on this property, when you visit this property it is obvious that a host of important and native species call this place home.

Hunter Brant, Selling Broker

Property Description

Bright Hour Ranch is an undisturbed piece of native Florida landscape with palmetto prairie, pristine wetland ponds and oak hammocks.  Wildlife thrives in this natural Old-Florida landscape.  The ranch was originally a 43,000 acre wild quail plantation in Arcadia owned by Calvin Houghland and was widely known as one the very best quail and turkey hunting ranches in Florida.  A conservation easement was placed on 28,000 acres in 1998 by Mr. Houghland to protect critical parts of this exceptional ecosystem, particularly Tiger Bay Slough.  This was one of the earliest private conservation easements in central Florida and much of this ecosystem still supports an incredible population of native wildlife.  Due to recent habitat restoration the bobwhite quail are now starting to recover as well.  The future is bright at Bright Hour.